Feeling stressed? Here are some self care activities to try out

Our modern lives mean that we are always busy with plenty of things to think about. Work, family, money, relationships and socialising all take up a large chunk of our time, not to mention our focus. So much so, that we can forget that we need to sometimes take care of ourselves too.

Failing to do some of the most basic self-care activities means that you are going to feel stressed out easier and that you may be more prone to emotional and physical burn out. The trouble with self-care is that it can be easier said than done.

This is why it is a good idea to make yourself a self-care plan, add into it some different activities and make sure that you try and do them as much as you can. That way, you can be sure that you will be able to deal with anything that life throws at you.


Disconnect from technology

Now, we are not saying that technology isn’t a great thing. It helps us to keep in touch with people that are not always easy to see or catch up with. But, it can also be a drain on our own emotional well being. This means, from time to time, it is a good idea to disconnect from your mobile for a short time. No social media, no texts, no emails. You will be surprised by just what that can do for you.


Plant a tree in the garden

Gardening is a relaxing way to spend some time. Getting out in nature is a great way to improve your wellbeing alone, but knowing that you have helped something to grow, well that is only going to make it all the better.


Play some music that reminds you of being young

If you have particularly happy memories of growing up, then sometimes it doesn’t hurt to revisit them. A simple way to do this is to put on an album packed full of music that reminds you of your youth. Dance around, sing as loud as you can, and just remember why it is so awesome to be alive.


Cut out the negative influences in your life

This one isn’t always easy, as sometimes those people who are negative influences are those who are close to us, such as family or perhaps even work colleagues. It may be impossible for some to cut these people out completely, but what you can do is try to limit your interactions with them. Instead, focus your time on spending it with positive people who make you feel great!


Sit in a coffee shop and watch the world go by

How often do you actually stop rushing around and instead take in the world around you? Chances are that it is not very often. So, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by everything that life is throwing at you, then perhaps it is time to take a step back, sit down and indulge yourself in some people watching.


As you can see, there are a variety of ways that you can practice self-care. Some are even things that you might already do on a daily basis. The important thing to do is to take time for you and allow yourself a bit of TLC, then you will find ready to take on the world.