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Welcome to your wellbeing space!

In this space you will find useful content created by our therapists and experts with the aim of improving your wellbeing at work and beyond! You will also be able to find ways to receive active support, such as how to talk to one of our 24/4 telephone therapists.

Self-help area

In this area, you will find material that can increase your understanding of common mental health issues. You will also find guides, how to articles, audio packs, and checklists that can help you live a healthier lifestyle, have a better work-life balance, and improve how you relate to others in the workplace and outside of it.

Active support area

In this area, you will access tools and resources that can help you with active support to improve your overall mental health.

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Strategies to deal with isolation when working from home


Self-Help Area


Self-help resources during the coronavirus outbreak

We know that the coronavirus outbreak is generating a lot of uncertainty and stress in the workplace and with your family members. We have created a new section on your wellbeing space where you will be able to access resources that our therapists have prepared to help you cope during this period.

Return to work


Videos and Podcasts

  • Stress in the workplace [NEW PODCAST]
  • How effective is telephone counselling? [VIDEO]
  • Understanding the stages of grief [VIDEO]
  • Menopause: how to make it through? [VIDEO]
  • Surviving menopause [PODCAST]
  • Understanding anxiety and how to cope with it [PODCAST]
  • How to deliver constructive feedback [PODCAST]
  • NEW – Isolation when working from home [PODCAST]


Active Support Area

24/7 Telephone Counselling

Receiving support from a qualified counsellor is very simple. You can talk to our qualified therapists 24/7 using our online platform Pro-Counselling. A few advantages of this service:

  • No waiting time. You can talk to the counsellor of your choice instantly.
  • No need for a referral.
  • No need for an appointment.
  • You can choose to talk to the same counsellor or change if needed.
  • You can choose the gender, and area of specialisation of your counsellor.
  • Calls are confidential.
  • Calls are free from a landline or a mobile.


*You will need the Freephone number that your company gave you to access this service.

Face to face counselling

Face-to-face Counselling

Considering the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent directives from the Government to self-isolate and avoid all social/physical contact, face-to-face counselling support is not available until further notice. In the meanwhile, you can always access our 24/7 telephone counselling service using the freephone number given by your company.

Other Support

Financial and legal advice

You wellbeing space provides a number of articles and a selection of resources that can be useful for the most popular queries related to finance and legal advice. However, you can also talk to one of our counsellors that have been trained at citizen advice level. More specific queries may be sent online here to be referred to specialists.

Citizens advice

You can also book a telephone appointment to receive citizens advice by sending us an email to